Specialty Coatings

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Many coating systems exist on the market for waterproofing high rises, apartment buildings and warehouses. Typically, these paints are applied to concrete, stucco or brick to seal and protect the surface from water ingress and the damages that may ensue. Commonly referred to as elastomerics, these paints must be applied properly to achieve the desired results. In general, these products are applied to a specific millimeter thickness and in some cases, with specialized equipment, in order to achieve the desired results.

Depending on your building’s construction and exposure, an elastomerics system may be appropriate, for others, high-build acrylic paints offer the best waterproofing protection. Either way, our project managers will specify the correct paint system and our skilled technicians will apply the product properly to waterproof your building long term.

20 Years / 4000 Projects

When it comes to commercial painting, experience matters. Our painting projects include: multi-unit residential complexes, high-rise towers, apartment buildings, shopping centers, offices, facilities and warehouses.

We even helped paint the world’s largest mural! Interior and exterior, we’ve painted, restored and renewed it all.

Epoxies and Membranes


Certain projects require highly specialized coatings systems. For buildings and facilities that require long term protection, color retention and ease of maintenance, often epoxy paints are used. For instance, structural steel requires protection from rust and deterioration long term. Metal siding on facilities and factories requires long term protection from UV and weather damage, factory floors require coating systems that can handle high traffic and heavy duty equipment. In these instances epoxy paint and coating systems are often applied. Our project managers work directly with specialty suppliers to specify and source the appropriate epoxy paint system to protect your building or facility, ensuring maximum performance.


Exposed deck and balconies on high rises are typically protected with a liquid membrane. Membranes require significant preparation work including washing, paint removal, concrete repairs and levelling, installation of kant strips, priming and application of the membrane. This work typically requires specific application of the membrane to deck walls and eyebrows to properly protect the entire area. If you are interested in membranes, our project managers will work with you to discuss options and to specify the correct membrane product for your project,

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