Interior Commercial Painting

Here’s where the + comes in

Drywall and Texture Repair

More often than not an interior repaint requires drywall, plaster or texture repair. We have the knowledge, skill and equipment to handle any drywall repair. Our experienced technicians can remove damaged drywall, replace entire drywall sheets, install new corner beads, tape and mud seams or simply patch and repair minor damage. 

Textured ceilings or plaster walls often require repair in common areas. When needed, we can remove, repair and blend existing textured finishes. Whether new texture or traditional plaster finishes, we have the knowledge and techniques to provide accurate matches and blends for most textured finishes.

Project Management

From sourcing materials to ongoing communications to closing the job effectively, we manage the details. Our customers expect professional project management and that’s what we deliver.

Does your painting project require repair or restoration? Perhaps you need to source unique materials or involve subsequent trades? No worries, WCP+ means we will manage the people, materials, paperwork and details to complete your painting project properly.

Finish Carpentry

When remodeling an interior common area, upgraded finish carpentry is often involved. New baseboard, casing and trim can provide a major aesthetic improvement to an interior commercial or multi-unit strata space. Our project managers can scope and specify finish material and provide samples and options for most projects. When it comes time to install, our teams handle carpentry projects with speed, cleanliness and professionalism.

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