Exterior Commercial Painting

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Apartment Buildings

Commercial building owners and investors hire us to protect and beautify their largest assets. High-rise and apartment buildings comprise a large portion of our project portfolio. We work with owners and investors to specify the most cost effective paint solutions that add value and protect their buildings long term.

While some of our specialized paint and coatings solutions may seem more expensive in the short term, when the costs are amortized over the extended life span of our specialty products and services, savings are realized. Our durable paint solutions offer significant value over a typical paint job. Simply put, when you hire Wolfgang Commercial Painters your paint jobs last longer and require less costly maintenance over the years.

5 Year Warranty

We are confident in the quality and durability of our paint jobs. So much so, that we offer an industry leading 5 year warranty, double the industry standard.

At the end of your painting project you will receive a Completion Certificate outlining your warranty and other important details. Rest assured that when you hire Wolfgang Commercial Painters your building is protected for years to come.

Warehouse and Facilities

At first glance, a warehouse may seem relatively easy to paint. Afterall, a typical warehouse is essentially a large rectangle . . . However, completing a warehouse painting project successfully is often challenging. These facilities are typically home to busy businesses, with trucks shipping and delivering goods. Minimal business impact is key.

Our teams routinely work with individual owners and tenants to devise a painting schedule that minimizes business interruption and impact. In some cases we employ specialized boom lifts which allow us to work up and over loading bays, or work evening and weekend shifts to avoid any business interruption. Either way, we have the painting and project management experience to complete your warehouse or facility painting project efficiently all while allowing your business to operate smoothly.

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