WCP Renew – October 2023, an in depth look at the Building Renewal Industry for Building Owners, Property Managers and Engineers.

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  • Concrete Crack Repair: Good, Better, Best.
  • The Consultation Process. What to expect.
  • What Differentiates Building Renewal Contractors?
  • Renewal Around the Web

Concrete Crack Repair: Good, Better, Best

Strata and commercial buildings, like any other structures, bare the weight of time, elements, and everyday wear. One common manifestation of this wear is cracks in concrete on vertical surfaces, ranging from mere cosmetic annoyances to serious structural concerns, concrete crack repair is an essential step in fortifying vertical surfaces for strata and commercial buildings

Repairing these areas isn’t just about a quick fix, but understanding the depth and nature of the issue. Learn more here.

The Consultation Process. What to Expect

The WCP Process provides a guideline for success on any building renewal project. Our in depth process is more than a series of steps; it is a commitment to service excellence, professional business practices and long lasting projects. Learn more here.

What Differentiates Building Renewal Contractors?

A simple Google search uncovers a plethora of commercial painting contractors in Vancouver, all vying for your next building renewal project. With such an array of options, pinpointing which companies to reach out to can be daunting.

Learn what separates good from great when choosing a contractor for your next Building Renewal project. Learn more here.

Renewal Around the Web

Building Smarter: Discovering the Potential of 7 Artificial Intelligence Solutions in Construction

As we stand on the cusp of a new era powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), we question how it can revolutionize construction.

Carbon Negative Concrete Invented in Canada

Canadian innovators in Montreal, Canada aim to substantially transform the environmental impact of the construction industry.

Federal government pledges $5M to Chinese Canadian Museum in Vancouver

The Chinese Canadian Museum in Vancouver has received about $5 million in new federal funding ahead of its opening on July 1.


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