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What is Building Renewal?

In short, building renewal is the repair, upgrading and “renewal” of a building’s exterior or interior substrates and associated systems. Building renewal can include a variety of items, including repairing and maintaining of building systems, strengthening accessibility, increasing energy efficiency, and changing the building’s design and finishes. Learn more here.

Factors affecting Color Perception

How we experience color is a combination of our innate or learned color perception and various physical and neurological factors. Neurological factors, such as the processing of color information in the visual cortex, play a crucial role in shaping our color experience. Learn more here.

Choosing a Building Renewal Contractor 

After tendering your building renewal project and receiving bids from various contractors, the next crucial step is to select the right one. This decision is of importance for the success of your project, as it determines whether or not it will be completed within the given timeframe and budget. It is essential to evaluate the contractors properly and use appropriate criteria to make a fair comparison. Learn more here.

Renewal Around the Web

The “Barbie” movie used so much pink paint it caused a shortage: It’s no surprise the set of the upcoming “Barbie” movie features a lot of pink – but it may be shocking just how much pink went into it.

Concrete has an Emissions Problem. Thankfully, Startups Are Queuing Up to Solve It: In 2021, global construction projects consumed 30B tonnes of cement to make concrete — with every tonne emitting almost a tonne of CO2.

Robotic Solutions For US. to Safeguard Workers: As per insights, the use of robotics, particularly autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), in various industries could potentially decrease injuries and enhance safety.


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