Who are the Stakeholders in B.C.’s Building Renewal Industry?

Welcome to part two of our blog series on Building Renewal in British Columbia. Over a number of posts we are discussing this emerging industry. We are looking at how the industry differs from construction and restoration? Who are the stakeholders? How to plan and budget for a building renewal project and ultimately, how to choose a contractor.

By the end of this series, you’ll have the knowledge and tools you need to properly tender your building renewal project and enjoy the benefits of an updated, more durable and energy efficient building. We hope to enjoy the series and find the information helpful.

Building renewal is a complex process. Building owners work closely building renewal experts like engineers, consultants, inspectors, and contractors to protect their real estate assets and to ensure that the renewal process is carried out smoothly.

Building Renewal Key Stakeholders -Wolfgang Commercial Painters

Primary Stakeholders: Building Owners and Strata Members

The primary stakeholders for any building renewal project is the building owner. Individual owners and in many cases, strata members typically identify when renewal is necessary and initiate the procedure. Owners collaborate closely with all parties involved in the renewal process, including engineers, consultants, and contractors, during a project.

Property Managers and Building Managers

In British Columbia, a property manager is in charge of managing a buildings operations, including maintenance, tenanting, repairs, and finances. Property Managers work with owners to identify areas that require renovation. Manager’s also typically help to formulate a building renewal strategy. Typically, a property manager will have access and experience with a wide range of experts in the renewal industry

A building manager is responsible for day-to-day operations of a building. In the context of building renewal, a building manager would typically work with the contractors and tenants on communications and logistics.

Engineers and Consultants

Building envelope engineering and consulting are crucial for ensuring that structures set for renewal are secure prior to the work commencing and that the specified repairs are long-lasting, and energy-efficient.

Certain engineers specialize in building envelopes, which typically comprises walls, windows, roofs, flashings and balconies. Other engineering firms focus on Building Science for both exterior and interior areas and substrates.

Engineers and consultants are essential in the planning, specifying and scoping phase of a project. They provide specifications and scopes for work related to structural repairs, building systems and materials. They work to specify systems and materials to ensure that the building envelope is properly renewed and that work completed is within British Columbia building standards and codes.

Building Renewal Key Stakeholders Contractors

Inspection Agencies

Inspectors and Inspection agencies are responsible for ensuring that the building renewal process is completed on spec and scope. Inspectors typically follow specification writing by engineers and review the contractors work as the project progresses.

Inspectors are not necessarily involved on all renewal projects. In some cases, engineers act as the owner’s representative and work directly with contractors as the work progresses.

Building Renewal Contractors and Subcontractors

Arguably, contractors  have the most critical role in a building renewal. It is the contractors job to ensure any project is completed on time, budget and according to specification. Specialized contractors bring unique and practical experience to the table that aid owners and engineers with material and systems selection, logistics and project schedules. Building Renewal Contractors and their sub trades are typically focused on maintaining building envelopes and interior building common areas. Many renewal contractors and their technicians acquire specialized certifications like swing-stage rigging and level 3 rope access for high-rise envelope work. Contractors and sub trades often obtain specific substrate repair certificates for concrete, stucco and specialized coatings for membranes, sealants and waterproofing.

Material Suppliers

Material suppliers are a valuable resource for specifying the right products for a renewal project

There are expectational suppliers for both exterior and interior projects. Including companies manufacture and distribute coatings and paints for waterproofing, membranes, traffic coatings and sealants. Concrete suppliers, offer a wide array of products including concrete that cures at varying rates and strengths for applications like ceilings, cold joints, walls and floors.

On the interior side, paint and coatings supplier’s carry systems like wall protection and epoxies. Products specific to commercial applications that minimise maintenance, save money and increase a buildings usability. Drywall suppliers carry an array of products including unique muds, textures and plasters to repair and renew virtually any drywall substrate.

All of these suppliers offer technical expertise which help owners, engineers and contractors chose the right product to ensure a durable project.

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