Commercial Painting: How to Guarantee a Successful Project

I can say without hesitation that the most important step to having a successful painting project is to set clear expectations at the beginning of the process. How is this accomplished? Through an on-site consultation with one of our Sales/Project Managers and the painting project’s key decision-maker.

There can be a lot of stakeholders in a large-scale commercial painting project. Property managers, project managers, painters, other trades, strata members, inspectors, suppliers, etc. With so many different individuals invested in a project’s success, having clear, agreed-upon expectations is a must.

Though many believe painting a townhouse complex is pretty straightforward, endless variables come up when proposing a proposal. This begins with a very clear scope of work (what is getting painted and what isn’t). But there are other factors to discuss, such as special preparation expectations (Eg. Do you want that additional cosmetic caulking?), special owner considerations (Eg. Special communication requirements, special tenant needs), and logistics. Not to mention other items that the Sales/Project Manager may note while on-site, be able to educate the strata member on, and then discuss possible solutions (Eg. Rotten wood repair).

Having this open conversation, in person, on-site to uncover all of these variables right from the onset is a critical step towards a successful project down the road. And this meeting happening with an individual who can make real decisions on the project is crucial. Otherwise, there is a serious risk it’s a waste of time.

And there’s also a real risk in avoiding a Consultation altogether and convincing the contractors to go to the site and figure it out by themselves; proposals are completely different from one another, not reflective of the various considerations of the owners.

And on the other side of the coin, if you’re strata forking out tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a painting project, it would be in the best interest of your investment to meet the contractors that will be providing a proposal and learn more about them and the kind of service they will be providing.

So in recap, what does a Consultation do for you in the end? Our Sales/Project Managers customize every proposal to reflect all of the discussion points at the Consultation. This ensures the owners are educated on the special needs of their investment and are getting a painting project customized to meet these unique needs with clear expectations set.

The result? The foundation for a successful painting project.

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