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How To: Working in an Open Office Space

Working at a commercial painting company promises one thing: Very few people will be in the office, especially in the warm summer months. Our team works remotely when they’re not out in the field completing exterior and interior paint estimates. Luckily, I spend my days with our Office Manager. We work in close quarters so it’s important to both connect and disconnect in the interest of building a relationship and in getting work done. After moving from my own private office (with my previous employer) to an open office space, here are my suggestions to fulfilling, productive work days.

Check In Then Tune Out
I value my mornings with our Office Manager; we check in before the workday starts and soon after I plug in and she finds a preferable playlist so that we can get our work done.

As one of Wolfgang’s four core values, support is huge. Although I put earbuds in when I’m deep in focus (one task at a time is the next goal I’d like to master), I always take questions from our Office Manager when they arise. I take each question as an opportunity to lead, show support for my coworker’s responsibilities and educate; I love answering a question once by teaching next steps for a given situation. Moreover, it’s great working side by side with someone when you need a moment to brainstorm.

Every Wednesday we have an all staff operations meeting to discuss new initiatives and check in on paint projects. When the sales team is in the office I often require their feedback, and they need mine too. I start my Wednesday mornings with quiet time dedicated to pressing tasks and meeting prep. During the meeting I fully engage (emails and texts are not responded to); afterwards I ensure that I touch base with each salesperson to make certain that they have any marketing material that they need and that my queries are answered. I typically don’t start my day until 1 p.m. on Wednesday, but knowing that allows me to focus my attention and energy at the beginning and end of the week. Plus, I love having face time with the team!

Although this requires some more effort on my part, I actively try to roll my shoulders back and down and walk around, grabbing a tea, to step away from the screen. On the sunny days, I do my best to step outside for some vitamin D. I encourage our Office Manager to do the same for health reasons.

There you have it, a few basic tips I insist on when working in an open office space for improved productivity and enjoyable workplace relationships.

Deana Srdic

About the Author: Deana Srdic

Deana Srdic is the Marketing Manager for Wolfgang Commercial Painters. Deana plans and implements Wolfgang’s annual marketing strategy, manages the website, facilitates the Wolfpack’s digital strategy and plans client events. Deana graduated from Camosun College with a degree in Marketing Communications Management and Leadership, an additional general Business diploma and Management certificate. Deana spends her free time working on her personal blog, lifting weights and actively participating in personal growth coaching. She’s a city girl with a passion for consistency.

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