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Business Building: Referrals 101

I often find myself lost in a seemingly too simplistic idea. Whether it’s a meal recipe, exercise or marketing tactic for Wolfgang, I err on the side of clean, cut plans which allow for optimal consistency.
That’s why when I started considering referrals I got caught up in “what should be” monstrous ideas. After stepping away from my oversized ideas, I got back down to basics: Referrals re business building blocks which allow a company to work with more good people who are similar to the company’s current customer base. So how does one ask for a referral in a genuine manner?

1. Discuss!
We get started as an opportunity first comes in, always asking our customers what prompted their contact today. By asking from the get go, we are able to better analyze our marketing plan and budget and thank referrals.

2. Consultation and Proposal
When we meet our customers on site to discuss the pant needed, we ensure that we share with them that we’re a passionate bunch and that we’re looking to grow. We hope that if given the opportunity to work with them on the given project that they’ll pass our information onto their networks. Good people want to work with good people, it’s a win win.

3. Job Close and Follow Up
When calling customers after completing a job for them, we ensure that their needs have been met and that all deficiencies have been looked after. We also take this opportunity to remind our customers that we want to work with their networks. Positioning wise after being told that they are pleased, we ask whether our customer would like their colleagues to feel that same way. They immediately agree and pass along our name.

At Wolfgang, we don’t just believe in asking for referrals, we are also happy to provide them! That’s why we have a list of affiliated trades to provide as a value add to our customers and we never why away from writing a well deserved Google review.

So all in all complex is actually quite clear.

Deana Srdic

About the Author: Deana Srdic

Deana Srdic is the Marketing Manager for Wolfgang Commercial Painters. Deana plans and implements Wolfgang’s annual marketing strategy, manages the website, facilitates the Wolfpack’s digital strategy and plans client events. Deana graduated from Camosun College with a degree in Marketing Communications Management and Leadership, an additional general Business diploma and Management certificate. Deana spends her free time working on her personal blog, lifting weights and actively participating in personal growth coaching. She’s a city girl with a passion for consistency.

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