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Dealing With Deficiences: Wolfgang x Black Tie

This week, we’re pleased to offer a guest blogger. Our affiliated exterior building maintenance company, Black Tie Property Services’ Founder and CEO, Sebastien Nault, outlines the importance of properly handling deficiency calls.

“We don’t expect you to never screw up; it’s how you handle the screw ups that will determine how successful you will be at this.”

This is the advice I received from a senior property manager, many years ago, when I was getting my first business off the ground. I never forgot those wise words, and now more than ever, with a rapidly growing company on my hands, they definitely ring true.

As service providers, dealing with deficiency calls is probably the worst part of our job. It is never pleasant to hear that a customer was not satisfied with our work. However, each deficiency call is an opportunity to do in-depth quality control, and to hopefully win back a customer that might shop elsewhere next time.

Wolfgang Commercial Painters, who we partner with on occasions, calls it “Delivering on the final 5%”, which includes a timely response to all complaints, and scheduled touch ups if needed. Once all issues have been addressed, they also offer free touch ups, a year later, as part of their Soup to Nuts program.

Here, at Black Tie, we make a conscious effort to see each deficiency call as an opportunity to wow our customers. Each call or email triggers the following:

  1. Call is personally returned, within the hour, by the supervisor in charge of that particular project.
  2. Issues are noted in a spreadsheet and a return visit is scheduled to address the problem and meet with the owner, within 7 days.
  3. Specifics of how the issues were resolved are entered in the spreadsheet and report is sent to the property manager, itemizing all issues and resolution.

It is a well known fact that acquiring new customers is far more costly than retaining existing ones, so it only makes good business sense to have airtight procedures around deficiency calls and follow ups.

Have you ever had an experience where a service provider, who you were dissatisfied with, managed to wow you, and turned you into a loyal customer?

Deana Srdic

About the Author: Deana Srdic

Deana Srdic is the Marketing Manager for Wolfgang Commercial Painters. Deana plans and implements Wolfgang’s annual marketing strategy, manages the website, facilitates the Wolfpack’s digital strategy and plans client events. Deana graduated from Camosun College with a degree in Marketing Communications Management and Leadership, an additional general Business diploma and Management certificate. Deana spends her free time working on her personal blog, lifting weights and actively participating in personal growth coaching. She’s a city girl with a passion for consistency.

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