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Algae and Mold Preventive in Paints: Wolfgang x Grime Fighters

Wolfgang Commercial Painters maintains many close professional partnerships with other firms; many of whom also provide exterior maintenance services from commercial and strata properties. One of those partners is Grime Fighters Service Group.  For this edition of our blog, we are excited to have Grime Fighters’ General Manager Brett Murray, give his advice on using a paint that has an algae and mildew preventive in its formula.

Algae is described as any of numerous photosynthetic organisms of aquatic or moist habitats, ranging in size from single-celled diatoms to large seaweeds such as kelp, and characterized by a lack of complex organs and tissues. In the wet and warm climate of the Pacific Northwest, algae and mold thrive on the exterior envelopes of buildings; particularly on the north sides of buildings and in areas susceptible to excess moisture.

Algae is removed from exterior siding and other surfaces by a variety of different methods, each tailored to a specific type of substrate.  It is important that, whichever method is chosen, the surface of the building is not damaged in any way.

The following methods are the best methods for removing algae and mold from different surfaces:

  • Concrete – Pressure washing using a pressure-controlled wand
  • Vinyl Siding – Soft wash cleaning using an oxygen based cleaner and soft brushes
  • Stucco/Wood – A specialized chemical based cleaner using sodium hypochlorite



Once the algae and mold are removed from the surface it is common practice to repaint the surface. Wolfgang Commercial Painters specialize in exterior restoration painting projects for large scale commercial or strata properties. But most importantly, they will select the right paint product for your project; one that includes an additive to prevent the growth of algae and mold.

Preventing algae and mold from building up on your property not only has aesthetic advantages, but it also preserves the longevity of the building’s envelope. Take the first steps towards improving the look of your property and extending the life of your envelope by letting Grime Fighters and Wolfgang Commercial Painters work together to service your exterior cleaning and painting needs.

Deana Srdic

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