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Colour Consultation

Once the need for a re-paint has been established, one of the most exciting but challenging decisions is which colour to choose!

Repainting is an investment into preserving a building’s interior or exterior. Colour selection should be unique yet timeless. It should speak to the style and preferences of the building owners. Once the desired colour is chosen (which often requires a vote), shades can be daunting. With over 200 shades of blue and 161 of whites by our preferred service supplier, the choice between Flaming Sword and Crimson Red can be a tough one to make.

Wolfgang offers professional colour consultation services from Moxi Design. With nearly 25 years of experience Wolfgang’s Colour Consultant believes in choosing colour well, not often. A thorough project walk through is completed to understand scope before a detailed discussion between the building owner, strata or property manager takes place. The architecture and environment of each property is taken into consideration. A colour palette design is then presented to visualize the project completion before making a decision.

Before booking your re-paint, give the Wolfpack a call for value add benefits such as colour consultations!

Deana Srdic

About the Author: Deana Srdic

Deana Srdic is the Marketing Manager for Wolfgang Commercial Painters. Deana plans and implements Wolfgang’s annual marketing strategy, manages the website, facilitates the Wolfpack’s digital strategy and plans client events. Deana graduated from Camosun College with a degree in Marketing Communications Management and Leadership, an additional general Business diploma and Management certificate. Deana spends her free time working on her personal blog, lifting weights and actively participating in personal growth coaching. She’s a city girl with a passion for consistency.

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