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To Brand or Not To Brand

I oscillate back and forth on branding. Every business needs to establish a brand but when you are B2B, like Wolfgang, is it worth the considerable time, effort and money? Instead, does it not make sense to solely focus on building real relationships, one-on-one,  with your clients?

Yesterday I attended a workshop with key note speaker Sasha Strauss, a business professor at USC. Strauss argues that all business types: B2B, B2C, non-profit . . . need to establish a brand. Interestingly, Strauss also believes that logos, websites, brochures and Facebook pages have very little to do with your brand because  “in the end no-one cares about the look of your marketing!” What people do care about, Strauss states, is the message behind your brand: is it real, does it resonate, can they trust it, do customers believe?

Put that way, building a brand sounds just like building an authentic relationship. Strauss points out that people spend $4.50 for coffee at Starbucks not for the mermaid on the logo (what is a Starbuck anyways?), but they do so because Starbucks represents a break, a treat, a little reward and for some of us – me – a home away from home. Starbucks knows this and they do a masterful job weaving that message into their brand. OK, the fact that their product is addictive doesn’t hurt either.

So now when I think about meaningfully connecting with the thousands of strata and commercial building owners across Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond and Burnaby who need painting, I can see the value of branding. But, I’m still going to meet customers one – on -one, for coffee, at Starbucks 🙂



Dave Notte

About the Author: Dave Notte

Dave Notte is the founder of Wolfgang Commercial Painters, one of Metro Vancouver's largest commercial and strata painting companies.

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