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Are you Managing or Leading?

Do your meeting outcomes centre on gathering data that satisfies your needs? Or, do your meetings focus on behavioural change and skill development?

Do you base your business decisions solely on information? Or occasionally do you say, “I don’t care what the data says, we are going for it!”

Do you make fundamental changes to your organization or do you “tweak” the model hoping for different results?

Depending on how you answered those questions you are either managing or leading your organization.

Don’t get me wrong, management, like HR, is a necessary evil for all companies. But, management does not propel companies to new levels or change paradigms, leadership does.

At Wolfgang Commercial Painters we are attempting to develop leaders. By empowering our people to truly “own” their role and performance and by minimizing “management” our people can grow. Focusing on personal development and getting out the way allows our people space ┬áto “breathe” and room to grow. This process is not standard operating procedure for a Vancouver painting company but our people like it.

Growing leaders is not easy and most certainly it is not always fun. But, the potential of authentic leadership is tantalizing and exciting. From our contractors to our vice presidents I believe the concept (empowerment) is working.

Success will be easily measured: our staff will be exceptionally happy and our customers will rave about their experience with Wolfgang.

Stay tuned.

Dave Notte

About the Author: Dave Notte

Dave Notte is the founder of Wolfgang Commercial Painters, one of Metro Vancouver's largest commercial and strata painting companies.

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