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Humans Are Unpredictable: I Need Robots!

I have been around long enough that you would think I would understand humans.

We have lots to offer at Wolfgang Commercial Painters but hardly anyone applies for a job! You would think that with the unemployment rate, the tough economy, everyone’s desire for something better; that people would seek out a better company with better pay and greater happiness! I would think the natural thing for a predictable human to do would be to test our company.

Well no one is applying! Are people lazy? Are people so beaten that they will put up with what they have and not seek out better work? Have people lost their confidence? Are people so scared of rejection? Are people not smart enough to find better opportunities? Are people too scared of risk? Do people not want something better for their family? Have people forgotten about initiative? Is it no longer appropriate to ask for work? Are people good with welfare and EI? Do people think we are conglomerate that has no heart? Are we undesirable? Are we not likable?

Here is how the hiring process works in the commercial painting business. We are always looking for the best! Even if there is no position at the moment, we know an “A” player when we see them and will do what ever it takes to get the on the team. That means we are recruiting 365 days a year, so apply!  Secondly, we are very seasonal. We are currently looking for people for the 2013 painting season, which essentially is from April 15th to October 15th. We really focus on recruiting and building the best team in the off-season. That makes applying right now very important! Thirdly, it takes time to go through the hiring process. There are interviews, reference checks, and testing. Don’t leave applying to the last minute or you will miss the major opportunites.

To be honest, I will go and find you, but I don’t know where you are. I put up ads and try flyers and other methods but it is like you hiding from me. Please put up your hand and I will talk to you. Robots I would know where to find… I suspect they might have some sort of tracking device or store I could purchase them at, but alas, not humans.

I have to say we are not hard to find. If you use that google thing, you will find us at the top. We are in the phone book. We have ads on craigslist and lots of social media sites. We have lots of signs around. Just call me directly on my phone at 604-727-8918 or email me at You can text me and you can even go old school and send me a letter! It might just be better at Wolfgang, but you will not know till you talk to me.


Chief People Talker


About the Author: Greg

Greg Bertram is the VP of Operations and Finance for Wolfgang Commercial Painters, one of Vancouver's largest commercial and strata painting companies. Greg is responsible for overseeing all of the field team and assuring that Wolfgang’s high standards of quality and professionalism are upheld.Greg comes to Wolfgang with varied management experience; having spent the last ten years working for General Paint, Greg joined Wolfgang for its commitment to quality, professionalism, and people.

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