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Beyond Price and Quality: Part Three

Since our inception in 2004, Wolfgang Commercial Painters has been involved in over three thousand construction tenders. Many of the projects were tendered effectively and some were not.  Projects that are tendered ineffectively start off on the wrong and inevitably go over budget. Here are the “classic mistakes” that we have seen repeated over and over:
1. No job walk:
Contractors are met on site to review the project individually (if at all) as opposed to a group walkthrough. Resulting in a scheduling nightmare for the property manager or building owner and scope confusion.
2. Jobs tendered to late in the season:
You will get your best price if you tender a project in the winter. Tender in late spring or summer and you will pay more.
3. No deadline set for submission:Contractors are left to submit their proposal at leisure. Drags out the tender process. Jobs end up being awarded in peak season when capacity is lower and in the end the jobs take too long.
If you are about to tender a construction project avoid the aforementioned mistakes and you are well on your way to a successful project!
More to come . . . 


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