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Make Things Better, Not Worse

A few weeks back I attended an interesting Luncheon. Lee Cockerell, former XVP of Operations for Disneyland captivated the audience with his thoughts on culture. The man is an operational genius and he offered up many “golden nuggets” on hiring, training and systems.

But, for me, it was one of his off the cuff remarks that resonated, “make things better or worse, it’s your choice” Those words left me dumbfounded. Is it really that simple? Is that the key to happiness?

Cockerell’s statement is so powerful! Think about it. Everyday, you are faced with good and bad situations. The good ones are a pleasure and the bad, not so much. The situations are irrelevant; your reactions are what matters. You have freewill; you can choose your reaction.

I think about arriving home after an exhausting day at work to an equally exhausted wife, juggling dinner and three kids in full meltdown. I can walk in annoyed and judgmental or I can role up my sleeves, grateful for what I have and do my best to “make thing better”. My choice.

I’m not saying it’s easy and by no means am I a master of mood regulation. However, just recognizing and remembering that you have a choice is so uplifting, so powerful.

Thanks Lee!

Dave Notte

About the Author: Dave Notte

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