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An Evening with Paul Hawken

I attended an interesting event hosted by Vancity. Paul Hawken, world-renowned environmental activist gave a talk on sustainability.  While I found his “slant” challenging at times, there was no doubting his intelligence and charisma.

Hawken’s speech was thought provoking and to be honest a breath of fresh air for this die-hard capitalist. Here is taste of what he had to offer:

“The ability to do good is not too expensive, the ability to do harm is too cheap”

“The mission statements of the worlds environmental and humanitarians organizations are all different but non conflict”

“Fixing the world is not a goal that we can achieve in a lifetime, it is a goal that will create a life time”

“The modern military is largest funder of renewable resource research in the world. They know that fossil fuels are finite”

“Forget hope. Hope is intimate with fear and we need to be fearless”

And my favorite, his “shout-out” to activists, that applies to all walks of life:

“Just go do it and check back later if it was possible or not”

The evening ended with an open mike session and of course people from “Occupy Vancouver” took the stand.

One woman was particularly eloquent and levelheaded in explaining the purpose of the “occupy” movement. Her message was logical and compelling.  I appreciated and related her passion (the same type of passion I feel towards Wolfgang)

Perhaps if “Occupy” had allowed for a leader or at the very least one voice to explain their purpose they wouldn’t be experiencing such a public backlash.

Dave Notte

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