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Steve Jobs :(

Three years ago, my business partner forced a Macbook Pro upon me. Ever since, I‘ve been an Apple convert. Today, in personal and business, Apple makes every computing device that I own.

Like a Honda/Bentley hybrid, Apples products are perfect blend of efficiency and performance. Simply put, Apples’ creations are exquisite pieces of engineering.

I have a hard time imaging life without my iphone, MacBook Pro and iTunes and an equally hard time imaging Apple without Steve Jobs. Like Berkshire without Buffet or Facebook without Zuckerburg? Unfathomable! Job’s is a one of kind innovation machine and his creations are breathtaking. Job’s has undeniable vision and an uncanny ability to create products that become “must haves” instantly.

Granted, it takes more than one man to build the greatest company on earth, but Apples success is because of Jobs. Don’t underestimate the power of one man’s vision. Apple is Job’s baby, his creation and he is the driving force.

No doubt, Apples succession plan have been in the works for years and I’m sure Tim Cook is a world-class executive. But, he is not Steve Jobs.

My prediction: Apple will continue to perform exceptionally and make one last innovative splash (rumor is that a TV is on the way). But without Job’s at the helm Apples innovation will eventually stall.  I guessing that Apple’s business plan will center on pumping out endless versions of the ipad and iphone. But, the next “ipad”, the next game changer, will probably come from another company, headed by the next Steve Jobs.

Erin Gray

About the Author: Erin Gray

Erin Gray is the Office & Marketing Manager/Finance Assistant for Wolfgang Commercial Painters, one of Vancouver's top commercial and strata painting companies. On a daily basis she could be responsible for doing back end maintenance on the website, organizing marketing campaigns, building videos for the website, paying suppliers and painters, collecting on outstanding invoices, ordering office supplies... just about anything that needs doing to keep the office running smoothly.

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