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The Skate Park: Lessons Learned

My son loves skateboarding. Everything about it: the skateboard, the tricks, the challenge, the clothes and the music. Rocco is five, so he doesn’t get the whole non-conformist aspect of skateboard culture, the part of the sport that gives skaters a bad rap, he doesn’t care. He thinks the guys at the skate park are cool and he wants to be one of them.
I get Rocco’s intrigue. What’s not to admire? Skateboarders are creative, tenacious, and risk taking. They are Mavericks who don’t care what anyone thinks other than their fans. Impressing the crowd is integral to the sport. The freedom and the artistry of skateboarding are impressive. Who wouldn’t want to spend their days in the sun perfecting a craft that they love. Frick, it sounds amazing, sign me up!
Of course, the quickest route to emergency for me would be to step on a skateboard. These days about as extreme as I get is a pair of Nikes and some pavement. But, the skate park still offers inspiration.
Recently, Wolfgang’s competitors have been complaining about our marketing, our pricing and our whole “bold” approach. We are different, we take risks, we are tenacious and our competitor’s don’t like it.
It can be difficult to stand strong while a storm of criticism rains upon you. The harsh words from our peers are hard on staff and owners alike. You hear enough negative BS and you begin to question your own strategy even when your customers love you. But, like the guys and gals at the skate park our conviction is strong. Our dedication to our craft is steadfast.
So, whenever I’m feeling insecure about Wolfgang’s strategy, Rocco and I head to the skate park. With every trick and every wipe out, Rocco cheers. It reminds me that Wolfgang’s fans (our customers) cheer us on as well.
Our competitors are like the elderly man waving their canes at the skateboarders yelling, “ do something with your life!” Does anybody listen to the old dudes? Not the skateboarders, they just ignore them. Kind of like our competitors, who cares, ignore them.
Erin Gray

About the Author: Erin Gray

Erin Gray is the Office & Marketing Manager/Finance Assistant for Wolfgang Commercial Painters, one of Vancouver's top commercial and strata painting companies. On a daily basis she could be responsible for doing back end maintenance on the website, organizing marketing campaigns, building videos for the website, paying suppliers and painters, collecting on outstanding invoices, ordering office supplies... just about anything that needs doing to keep the office running smoothly.

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