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Industry Tips

How to Ensure a Quality Painting Job

Here are three key steps that will help any painting project begin on the right foot:

  1. Before the project begins, clarify and agree on any change orders or amendments to the original specification.
  2. Have all stake holders sign the final contract and agree on a payment schedule.
  3. The owner/property manager must meet the site foreman. Once the job begins you will be dealing with the foreman for all day to day questions or concerns.

Follow these three basic steps and you are on your way to a successful painting project.

Latex vs Oil Paint for Interior Paint Jobs

In any interior paint job, choosing the correct paint system is crucial. There are two options; Latex or Oil.

Latex paint is a very user friendly choice. Being quick drying and low odor, latex paint is a great choice for any job involving on site tenants. As well, latex paint is both easy to apply, and simple to clean up.

These factors, combined with its ability to hold color and ‘breath’ make it the best choice for most interior walls and ceilings. Debunking a popular belief, a latex based system will also adhere to any surface just as effectively as an oil system, provided the appropriate primer is used.

Oil based paint isn’t as user friendly as latex paint, possessing a strong odor and requiring paint thinner for clean up. But oil paint makes up for these deficiencies with sheer durability; it is harder drying, more durable, and more washable then latex paint.

Debuking another popular belief, an oil system isn’t necessarily more environmentally damaging then a latex system, even if it does possess a higher VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) rating. The reasoning behind this lies in the oil system’s superior performance; oil based paint jobs typically last longer, therefore reducing the number of re-paints. As a result, an Oil based system is the better choice on high traffic areas such as doors, frames, railings, base boads and washrooms.

Adding Value to your Building

Are you thinking about selling a property? If so the quickest way to add value to your building is a fresh coat of paint. Here are some tips for getting the most “$” out of your paint job:

  1. Colour and Sheen. Choose colours and sheens that complement your building’s style and
    character. For example, do not paint a character building with a contemporary color scheme.
    In the end, the building’s color scheme will look confused and so will any potential buyers.
  2. Pay attention to the details. Accent any unique or special features on the building. Ensure that your building’s curb appeal “pops”, it is the first thing potential buyers will notice. Powerwash any surrounding walkways or landings. A clean building is a well maintained building.
  3. Choose the right contractor. Preparing a building for sale requires experience and skill. Make sure that your contractor can offer insight on color and design. Moreover, ensure that your
    contractor can deliver the project on time and on budget. A new paint job can add thousands to a sale price and dramatically increase the speed of the sale. If you choose a contractor solely based
    on the lowest price, you could be left with disastrous results

Follow these three basic steps and you are on your way to a quick and profitable sale.

How to Hire a Contractor

Is your company or strata in the process of hiring a painting contractor for a spring or summer project? Here is a tip to keep in mind before awarding the contract.

Conduct a site meeting with all the stakeholders in attendance. Use this meeting to tour the contractors around the site, review the specifications and answer all questions. This meeting will minimize follow-up phone calls from contractors, save every one time and ensure that the bids are “apples to apples.”


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