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Mission Accomplished

Forty-six. That’s the number of kilometers my Daughter, Rosalie, ran at Kilometer Club this spring. Her goal was “to reach the second page of the kilometre chart” which meant running at least thirty-six kilometers. Rosalie hit her goal!

I am proud of Rosalie’s performance but more impressed with how much she enjoyed herself along the way. She looked forward to every day at Kilometer Club. Rain or shine, she ran. Rosalie was never late for the runs and ran until the teachers said stop.
At dinnertime she would share the days results, “well, I ran two kilometers in the morning, Ben and I talked a little while we ran, sometimes I walked. Then after lunch my teacher and some of my friends ran another kilometer, I have five more kilometres to get to the second page . . . “ or  “it was really wet today, I was freezing! I think I’ll were a tuque next time”

Rosalie savored every milestone along the way and proudly displays her ribbons on our family message board.

Goals are wonderful. I truly believe that through vision, conviction and tenacity, one can accomplish anything. But more important than the goal is the journey. Growth and positive change come from a journey well embraced. Enjoying the ups, learning from the downs and truly celebrating the achievement that’s what Rosalie did.


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