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>Beyond Price and Quality Part Five: The Tough Questions

So, you have successfully tendered your project, it’s time to award the job.  Your two lowest prices are within two percent of each other. How do you decide? Conduct an interview with both contractors and ask some questions:

  1. When will you start and finish the project? Red Flag: if the start and finish dates seem unrealistic, they probably are. You are dealing with a contractor that tends to overpromise and miss on service commitments.
  2. Who from your firm will oversee the project?
  3. How will you communicate updates, changes and any issues as the project unfolds?

Most importantly:
4.  Why should I choose you over the next contractor?     5.  What is your competitive advantage?
Those last two questions are the deal breakers. If you don’t receive a succinct answer you are most likely dealing with an average firm. A contracting firm that is going to provide average service and a frustrating experience.
If you were to asked a Wolfgang representative those tough questions, here is what you would here:
Why should I choose Wolfgang Commercial Painters over the next contractor?

  • Accountability: We keep our commitments. When we say we are going to start at 8AM, we do.
  • Teamwork: We work together towards shared goals. Our office, sales, and operations staff works together to deliver a great experience for you, the customer.
  • Open: We are open to new ideas, learning and feedback. If you are unhappy, let us know and we will respond quickly.
  • Win/Win: We operate so that all stakeholders win. The customer, suppliers and Wolfgang must win in order to achieve a truly successful project.

What is Wolfgang Commercial Painter’s competitive advantage?

  • We offer Professional Color Consultations to help settle on a color scheme.
  • We offer a “Start and Finish” guarantee.
  • We offer online Job Blogs to ease communication while the project is ongoing

Before you award your next project ask some tough questions. It will help you choose the right firm for the job.


Wolfgang Commercial Painters

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