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>Update on CCSVI

> My mother is back from LA and her CCSVI procedure. The surgery had an immediate impact on her vision, the “MS Fog” lifted and her flexibility seemed better. Balance and other internal issues remain unchanged. The surgeon suggested that the full impact of the procedure wouldn’t be felt for a few months. So, we are monitoring her symptoms with fingers crossed.
The clinic my mother used is performing thirty CCSVI procedures per week (seventy five percent of the patients are Canadian). Our hotel had at least eight CCSVI patients.  Unbelievable!
We learned a lot about CCSVI and I wanted to share in hopes of clearing up some confusion:

  • CCSVI (Chronic cerebro-spinal venous insufficiency or constricted veins) is believed to be a disease separate from MS.
  • The CCSVI procedure helps symptoms directly associated with CCSVI not necessarily MS. Many CCSVI and MS symptoms are similar. CCSVI may be part of the reason why MS develops? There seems to be a bit of “chicken or egg” debate brewing.
  • The CCSVI procedure is a vein angioplasty. Balloons are inserted via catheter into the constricted veins, inflated to stretch the vein, and then “deflated” and removed.
  • At our clinic, stints are used in only three percent of patients.
  • The idea is that the inflated veins promote better blood flow and therefore relieve some CCSVI symptoms.
  • Prior to the surgery you must have an MRI specifically an MRV (which follows a very strict protocol) to review the health of your veins. In my mum’s case her jugular veins were completely collapsed on one side. You should receive a DVD of your MRV along with a DVD of your surgery showing the improvement in blood flow.
  • The procedure is not perfected by any means. Veins are like elastics, they have memory, once stretched they want to revert back to their original form. To that end, many patients experience a re-occurrence of their symptoms, as their veins revert a few weeks after the procedure. The ultimate “cure” may be vein valve replacement.
  • Advancement’s are happening with every procedure. Surgeons have now learned that inflating the balloons to the extent of tearing the inner lining of vein helps reduce the chance of the veins re-collapsing.
  • The MRV cost twenty five hundred dollars and the CCSVI surgery costs eighty five hundred dollars.
  • There have been many miraculous stories associated with CCSVI along with many disappointed patients.

I can offer no scientific data on CCSVI. My family is learning as we go just like the rest of you. Hope the information helps and good luck to anyone who is considering the procedure.


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