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>Be Different or Be Dead

>In business, if you are not different, if you don’t stand, out you will not grow. If you are not growing, you are dying. A little dramatic, but it’s true.
Consumers love different: Apple, FIDO, Zappos, Whole Foods, and Clearly Contacts to name a few. Why do people open up their wallets for different? Unique brands stand out amongst the clutter.  Unique offerings make the purchasing decision easier for consumers. Different compels people to buy.
Vancouver companies Provident Security and Nurses Next Door and yes, Wolfgang Commercial Painters, do a good job of standing out.  Provident offers a “Five Minute” alarm response guarantee. Brilliant! Nurse Next Door’s employees drive from customer to customer in pink/floral wrapped vehicles. Nice!
Wolfgang is proud to be to be different and we work hard to “stand out” in many areas. Instead of paper notices for our customers we set up Job Blogs to keep people informed. Choosing a color for a paint project is difficult so we offer professional color consultation on all our jobs. Painters traditionally wear white, not ours. White uniforms get messy fast, so our painters wear blue t-shirts and brown pants matching our logo.
Perhaps the best example of our quest to be different is our “Start and Finish” guarantee.  Renovation projects tend to drag on too long, in turn, upsetting the customer. We guarantee to start and finish when promised or you get five percent back.  Risky, challenging, different and our customers love it!
Of course you can’t simply be different and prosper. Your service or product needs to be consistently good, if not great. Those who are brave enough to stand out and deliver on their promise, grow, those who don’t fade away.


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