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>“No, We Don’t Subcontract”, Liar!

>Franchisee, licensed applicator, contract employee, certified contractors . . . just another term for Subcontractor.
I can’t tell you how many tender meetings I have attended where the painting companies dance around the question “Do you Subcontract your work?” Here’s the truth, every major non-union painting company, in Vancouver, including Wolfgang, utilizes subcontractors.
Why do major firms contract out their work? Commercial Painting is seasonal. Eighty five percent of the revenue is produced in an eight-month period. A subcontractor business model allows for a quick ramp up and greater capacity.  The best painters like to work for themselves in order to maximize their earnings. So, when we sub contract we get the best tradesmen in the city on our team. When we subcontract our work we fix our largest cost, labor. In business when you fix your largest expenditure you lower risk.
Why do smaller paint companies (two – ten employees) choose to contract their work from larger firms? Again, it’s simple. The most talented painters in the city, the most operationally excellent tradesmen, like to focus on producing work. So they build relationships with a few larger shops and eliminate the need for costly marketing, sales and admin.
Customers benefit from the subcontractor model because they get the most skilled painters producing their job and fixed labor means no cost overruns.
Sounds good right? Many customers don’t think so.
End users get nervous because they equate sub-contracting with the old ”dump and run” It may be true sometimes but if you are dealing with a professional firm it is not the case.
At Wolfgang every one of our projects, small or large, is overseen by one of our project managers. Every project ends with a Quality inspection with the customer, project manager and sub contractor in attendance. Deficiencies are noted and corrected in a timely fashion.
Our sub-contractors go through an interview and screening process just as an employed painter would.
Our contractors attend Wolfgang University where they learn our values, best practices, systems, and customer service standards. Wolfgang U is rigorous and on going. If the attendees don’t maintain an 80% GPA throughout the courses, they don’t work for us. If they pass and maintain their GPA, they become one of Wolfgang’s certified contractors.
It’s interesting to note that since Wolfgang began subcontracting three years ago our quality survey scores have improved from 4.4 to 4.6 out of 5 and our “would recommend” score moved from 92% – 96%.
So hopefully, a little information, will help our customers become more comfortable with the term subcontractor.


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