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>Wish Upon A “Star”


Two months ago I began a recruiting campaign looking for two Sales Reps and a Project Manager. The positions have been posted online, marketed through Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and worked hard through my network. To date fifteen people have been interviewed with no offers on the table or in the funnel.

With a sluggish economy and jobless rates in the news everyday, I expected a boatload of strong candidates? Not the case. I’ve been down this road before and I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Regardless of external factors, good people are very hard to find.

The challenge is finding the right balance of fit and talent. Loyal workers are tempting, great people with exceptional work ethics but lacking the raw talent that drives growth. Mavericks got talent but they don’t fit with a transparent and team oriented culture. Like everyone I am looking for the Star, the “A” player, the person who outperforms and takes the company to the next level. Easier said than done.

The longer the recruiting cycle drags on the more tempting it is pull the trigger and hire. I’ve made that mistake before. Ouch! Nothing is more costly than a poor hire. Time for the company and the employee is wasted, money is burned and team morale takes a major hit.

It easy to externalize while recruiting; there are no good candidates, on line job site are expensive and overrated. But, more than anything this recruiting challenge suggest that I need to focus more on growing people. But, that’s for another post.

In the meantime we keep looking. Know anyone?


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