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Trouble Finding Workers

It’s no secret that it’s not easy to get a job today. Things are certainly better in Canada than they are in the United States but if you ask any job seeker they will tell you that it’s still no cake walk.

Among those having the most difficulty finding work are the recently graduated. One university student we talked to, a recent graduate from SFU, had this to say about looking for work:

“Employers always want to hire someone who already has a job, but I’ve been in school for the past 4 years an working on and off. I can’t get a job that I want so now I’m walking door-to-door handing out resumes. I had to take my degree off my resume so that I have a shot at even getting a minimum wage job.” Later she jokingly said “I guess I have a job, it just doesn’t pay very well… looking for work is my full time work.”

While there are plenty of candidates out there looking for work it can also be a challenge to find the right person. Anyone who has had the chance to work in HR in any capacity knows how challenging it can be to weed through resumes and applications and find the right person for the job.

One local small company is finding the recruiting task particularly daunting. David Notte, CEO of Wolfgang Commercial Painters, began his recruiting journey 2 months ago, looking to hire 3 new people for their small team.

“With a sluggish economy and jobless rates in the news everyday, I expected a boatload of strong candidates applying but this has not been the case. The challenge is finding a candidate with the right balance of fit and talent. Loyal workers are tempting, great people with exceptional work ethics but lacking the raw talent that drives growth. Mavericks have got talent but they don’t fit with a transparent and team oriented culture” said Dave.

“Like everyone I am looking for the Star, the “A” player, the person who outperforms and takes the company to the next level. Easier said than done.The longer the recruiting cycle drags on the more tempting it is pull the trigger and hire [but] nothing is more costly than a poor hire.”

When last spoken to Dave mentioned that they were seriously looking at 2 candidates but are still putting them through the hiring process. Best of luck to Dave and his team in finding candidates that fit with their culture.

Wolfgang Commercial Painters is a major commercial painting company located in Burnaby BC. They have 6 employees and have made Business in Vancouver’s Fast 100 list the last 2 years running. Both owners are active members in EO as well as their community.

Erin Gray

About the Author: Erin Gray

Erin Gray is the Office & Marketing Manager/Finance Assistant for Wolfgang Commercial Painters, one of Vancouver's top commercial and strata painting companies. On a daily basis she could be responsible for doing back end maintenance on the website, organizing marketing campaigns, building videos for the website, paying suppliers and painters, collecting on outstanding invoices, ordering office supplies... just about anything that needs doing to keep the office running smoothly.

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