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>Builder of the Decade?


I attended the Builder of the Decade event mostly out of curiosity. Having seen Premier Campbell speak a few times, I wanted to see if he had been humbled. Nope, the man is as defiant as ever.

Considering the botched roll out of the HST, the “now you see it now you don’t” fifteen percent tax cut and his resignation, you would have thought it was time to crawl under a rock! But, there he was proudly recounting his accomplishments for a packed house.

Look at it objectively and the Liberals achievements are impressive: the Sea to Sky Highway, Golden Ears Bridge, Abbotsford Hospital, the Gateway Project, Canada Line and the 2010 Olympics! Together these projects created thousands of jobs and helped to make the province a better place for everyone. Campbell and his liberals don’t deserve all the credit for these projects but they did their part.

Under Campbell the residents of BC pay lower income taxes, dodged a real estate crash and the subsequent economic meltdown. Not bad.

Campbell’s speech last night captured his time as Premier nicely. Solid performance with snippets of unfortunate clumsiness (his Schwarzenegger impression was brutal)

Say what you will about Premier Campbell you can’t deny that under his leadership the province got infrastructure, jobs and lower taxes.


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