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>What Did You Expect?


More often than not, service companies fail to meet their customer’s expectations. Who is to blame? Almost always, it is the service company! Unrealistic expectations start with over promising and end with unsatisfied customers.

Perhaps the super friendly receptionist states “John, will call you back immediately” or the smooth as silk Sales Rep states “ We’ve done this a million times, no problem” or the owner says “Our team is the best in the industry” or a previous customers states “ They were awesome! Nothing to do better” Either way during the sales process, the customer and the operations team can be set up for a fall.

When lofty expectations are not met the customer is inevitably dissatisfied. In other words, your operations team can deliver above average service, better than the competitions and the customer can still be unhappy.

How do you avoid this problem? Set realistic expectations from the first point of contact to final inspections. Here are some examples of realistic expectations:

  • I am sending a message to Jack as we speak. I know that he is very busy today but he will return your call.
  • John, the building is going to look worse before it looks better.
  • It may not look brand new, but the building will look great when is complete.
  • We work 7:00 – 3:30. But, Mary, sometimes our guys show up late. On Fridays they will probably leave a little early.
  • Your landscaping may get damaged. If we break a plant, we will replace it.
  • Problems will occur. We will correct the problems quickly.
  • Surprises will pop up. We will inform you of the surprises as soon as we can.
  • Weather dependent, the job should take two – three weeks.

Good service companies don’t over promise on purpose. It is human nature to pound ones chest but is not helpful. When your organization uses the appropriate language with customers it is easier to meet expectations. In fact, if you are good at managing expectations, you can exceed.

Under promise over deliver and your customers are satisfied.


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