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Frequently Asked Questions around the office

Since Wolfgang Commercial Painters burst onto the scene, we’ve had some recurring questions that we’re going to answer once and for all right here…

Who is Wolfgang?
Definitely the most frequently asked question we get, there is no one by that name working with us; we feel the name Wolfgang effectively represents us as a strong, organized team. Furthermore, it’s a recognizable name that you won’t soon forget.

Are Dave and Kevin brothers?
Despite the fact that they often dress the same, Dave Notte and Kevin Parenteau are not brothers.  (See picture)

Does Heinrich own the company?
Despite his German name, Heinrich does not own the company; he’s our Marketing Coordinator.

Hopefully in answering these questions, we’ve cleared up any confusion you may have about Wolfgang Painters. Want more information? Give us a call at 604-420-5552


Wolfgang Commercial Painters

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112- 4268 Lozells Ave. Burnaby, BC, V5A 0C6