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>Collusion is Great?


I often hear business people gushing about their competition; “Frank is a great guy. I stay away from his clients and he stands clear of mine.” Or, “John won’t undercut our pricing, he doesn’t want to drive the market down. What a great guy. We are on the same page”. Even more perplexing, often at job walks I will overhear competitors comparing pricing; “What was yourprice at East 4th? We went in at 35 points”.

Funny that the guys doing all the talking or colluding are usually the guys on the loosing end.

The goal of business is simple: deliver a superior product or service at a better price than your competition. That’s right: if you want market share, you need to beat your competitors.

I fail to see how sharing intelligence gives you the upper hand. It takes years to build a brand and establish a true competitive advantage. In realty, the only advantage most entrepreneurs have over the next guy is the grey matter between their ears.

If you can deliver at a better price than the next guy, congratulations, you have won. Keep your secrets to yourself!

Business is a game of “high stakes” poker. In poker and business you need to out-smart and out-work the other guy in order to win. Discussing strategy with other players or competitors is loose and risky. You may be thinking that you can lead you competitors astray with a bluff; Sorry, eventually your bluff will be called.

When you sit down to the table keep you mouth shut and hold your cards high, or you will be knocked out of the game.


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