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Cleaning up a Dirty Industry

Many industries get flak these days for being environmentally unfriendly. Oil companies, car companies and many others are targeted with eco-fees and heavily recycling fees throughout production. One of the industries that takes a hit from the go-green movement is the paint industry.

Painting is generally not thought to be an environmentally friendly industry. From the manufacturing of paint to the application and disposal, there are many chances along the way for the environment to take a hit. One of the less obvious hits to the environment may be one not directly involved in the painting at all.

Paint companies, like almost all services companies; market their service to their potential customers, frequently through paper flyers. Wolfgang Commercial Painters, a local painting company, used to be one of these companies. “We did all kinds of marketing in the past, unaddressed flyers, addressed flyers, mass faxes… you name it we did it” says Office Manager Erin Gray. “Once we really had a chance to sit down and look at the numbers from these marketing tactics though, we just found that it was not worth it. We were generating leads but not enough business to cover the cost of the tactic. Dropping the paper heavy tactics just made sense for the company and for the environment”.

“Dropping the direct marketing was also scary for us” said Erin. “Previously, if we were having a challenge getting leads we would just ramp up the paper waste and hope it brought in some business. Now though we have to work a lot harder at it with networking and social media, and of course PR, to get the customers to come to us. This gives us an opportunity to really get in touch with our clients face-to-face now, as opposed to through a flyer they will probably throw away. So not only do we save a few bucks but also we are making the right move for the environment at the same time. Win/Win. Anything we can do to lessen the impact our industry has on the environment is a good thing.”

Wolfgang Commercial Painters is a major commercial painting company located in Burnaby BC. They have 5 employees and have made Business in Vancouver’s Fast 100 list the last 2 years running. Both owners, David Notte (CEO) and Kevin Parenteau (CMO), are active members in EO as well as their community.

Erin Gray

About the Author: Erin Gray

Erin Gray is the Office & Marketing Manager/Finance Assistant for Wolfgang Commercial Painters, one of Vancouver's top commercial and strata painting companies. On a daily basis she could be responsible for doing back end maintenance on the website, organizing marketing campaigns, building videos for the website, paying suppliers and painters, collecting on outstanding invoices, ordering office supplies... just about anything that needs doing to keep the office running smoothly.

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