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>Bumping Up Against Our Values


At Wolfgang we have three corporate values:

Exceed expectations

Take pride in what you do

Respect the individual

Our values may not be original, but they are solid. We try to preach these values daily. Our instructions to new employees are simple, “If you feel that Wolfgang’s values are being compromised, come directly to the owners”.

Occasionally our values are really put to the test.

A few months back two long term painters had made decisions that clearly compromised our values. Both painters were well liked, productive and oozing skill. Furthermore both employees we pegged as future stars. But, their “bump up against” our values forced a decision: stand by the Wolfgang values and terminate or compromise the company values, “problem solve” and keep them on board.

The last thing we wanted to do was loose two great employees, in the middle of our season, in a tight labor market. But, we also knew that not terminating meant paying “lip service” to our values and in doing so compromising our employees trust in management.

In the end, we terminated both employees. We made the right choice. But, at the time, this was not an easy decision. I had worked closely with both these employees, letting them go was gut wrenching.

Our staff seems on board with the decision. One employee stated; “I am glad to be part of a company that has the strength to stand up for what they believe”.

Nobody said that small business was easy.


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