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Washing & CleaningAll exterior paint projects begin with a thorough wash to prepare the surface for a new coat of paint. Professional washing allows the building to have built up moss, mold, mildew, algae, coal, dirt, dust, sand and failing paint removed. Wolfgang’s cleaning solution also helps to prevent mildew regrowth. Building exteriors withstand the varied elements and heavy rain in Metro Vancouver and receive the cleanse and care needed before repainting by Wolfgang.

There are times a building does not require paint, just a thorough cleaning. Washing a building three years after a paint job is a cost effective way to extend coatings. If your vinyl siding needs a soft scrub, your stucco needs a power rinse or your concrete needs a pressure wash, give us a call. Wolfgang has experience removing stubborn stains and has worked with most exterior cleaning solutions and tools; we can make your building shine!

Wolfgang is also happy to offer large-scale commercial window cleaning; have one of representatives out to assess your building. Wolfgang provides honest appraisals of your building; if it only requires a wash, we will save you money!