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Top Three Tips To Writing and Distributing a Media Release

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Having learned about media releases (also known as press releases, press statements and news releases) back in college in 2009, I knew it was time to sharpen up my skills when writing a recent media release speaking to Wolfgang’s part in re-imaging Hootsuite’s Vancouver office in conjunction with the Vancouver Mural Festival.


Wolfgang x Better Business Bureau Webinar: Tips To Follow When Hiring A Contractor

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Wolfgang is proud to announce the company’s collaboration with the Better Business Bureau of the Lower Mainland. This September we’re presenting an informative webinar titled Save The Stress: Tips To Follow When Hiring A Contractor. If you’ve ever struggled with hiring a competent, professional contractor, then this webinar is for you. Wolfgang’s Save The Stress webinar is designed to streamline the tendering process and allow for more successful construction projects. (more…)

How To: Onboarding Employees The Wolfgang Way

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Wolfgang recently welcomed Shira, our new Sales Representative to the team. Bringing Shira on this past Monday had me reflecting on Wolfgang’s onboarding process for me, back in January. Here are a few tips for accepting new employees into the fold, making them feel welcome and rallying the team for the expansion. (more…)

Welcoming Shira to Wolfgang!

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Wolfgang is thrilled to introduce the newest member of the Wolfpack, Shira Sachs! Shira is our new Outsides Sales Representative and brings with her a wealth of knowledge. (more…)

Algae and Mold Preventive in Paints: Wolfgang x Grime Fighters

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Wolfgang Commercial Painters maintains many close professional partnerships with other firms; many of whom also provide exterior maintenance services from commercial and strata properties. One of those partners is Grime Fighters Service Group.  For this edition of our blog, we are excited to have Grime Fighters’ General Manager Brett Murray, give his advice on using a paint that has an algae and mildew preventive in its formula. (more…)