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The Wolfgang PromiseWhy Wolfgang?

Since 2004 Wolfgang Commercial Painters has worked with the majority of property management companies in Vancouver, producing over 1,800 strata and commercial paint jobs.

As a Wolfgang customer, you are promised a professional, experienced and branded team, thorough communication and completion of the project’s final 5%.

Clean, Branded Team

The Wolfpack knows that the stereotypical contractor is not an image worth conjuring up. That’s why Wolfgang’s Sales & Project Managers and painters dress the part in clean, branded clothing. Your Wolfgang team is easily identifiable, approachable and professional.

Weekly Updates

We’ve asked and we know: Wolfgang customers appreciate communication but not inundation. As a Wolfgang customer, you can expect unprompted, honest weekly updates from your Sales & Project Manager including percent complete, progress photos and any other pertinent details.

Delivering on the Final 5%

At Wolfgang, we understand that one of the biggest pain points in construction projects is completing the final 5%. The final 5% describes the remaining project scope which requires delivery to complete the job. Wolfgang ensures that expectations are managed initially, then met at the completion of the project, including finalizing any deficiencies. Delivering on the final 5% ensures customer satisfaction.