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Responsive, Easy, Strong Finish


Nobody likes to wait. Worse yet, nobody likes to be left hanging when an issue arises.

When you request service at Wolfgang we respond quickly and with a smile on our face. More importantly, if a problem arises on your job site (lets be real, this is construction after all) we fix it quickly! Our goal is to respond to and arrive at solution for your concern within twenty-four hours.


Whenever we ask our customers what do you want from your contractors? They answer with a resounding: make my life easy!

The “easy” concept extends through our entire organization.

At Wolfgang University, our in depth training program, our field staff is taught our customer service so that we deliver a consistent and easy finished product

Strong Finish

Anyone can start a job, but the true test of a paint contractor is a strong finish.

What constitutes a strong finish? Quite simply, fishing on time and on budget.

At Wolfgang finishing a job means completing the final inspection, final touch-ups and removing all the equipment on deadline. On budget means no surprises on the final invoice. If the scope of your job changes we will provide fixed pricing and you will sign off before we proceed.