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The DTES Give Back Event

Every Christmas the Wolfgang team gets together (kids, partners, friends, everyone) to put together care packages for some of the cities most vulnerable people.  Wolfgang has donated their office space to put together packages and got it done in record time! As a team we hand deliver the packages to individuals living in the Downtown East Side. The impact on the individuals receiving the packages as well as the families handing the packages out is immeasurable.

The Burnaby Homeless Count

Giving back sometimes means more than actually giving things to people. This year the Wolfgang team participated in the Burnaby Homeless Count. This event goes on all over the Metro Vancouver area on the same day, requiring hundreds of volunteers. The homeless count gathers vital information on Burnaby’s vulnerable population, helping to keep vital support and emergency services funded.

Customer Give Back Events

Our customers give us so much that we like to give back to them!  Every year we have a private movie screening of a new release for customers and their families. We often take our customers and their families out to hockey games. This year we are hosting our first ever Fast Track To Summer event where we are inviting all of our customers and their families out to Hastings Race Track to have a day at the races on us! We also have several adult only events each year in which we bring in speakers to add value to great networking events at a local venue.

The Wolfgang Bouncy Castle

We thought long and hard, “How can we give back?” Then it came to us.  A giant bouncy castle and slide to donate to community events.  Kids love it. Parents love it.  Everybody has a blast. The slide is available for use at community and customer events and is sure to make a giant impact on any event! Unfortunately due to wear and tear our bouncy castle is no longer available, but it’s legacy lives on!

Bouncy castle at Canada Day in Ron McLean Park

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