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Thank you for choosing Wolfgang Commercial Painters!

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We are exited to start the pressure washing and painting of your complex!

Check back often for new updates on the status of your project. This is just an example of what your building’s blog will look like.

Attention: Residents of -Your Building Name Here-

Re: Power washing and painting of the exterior
Wolfgang Commercial Painters is looking forward to painting the exterior of your homes. We will be power washing and painting the exterior window trim to units 1-32 as well as painting the “blue” trellises throughout the complex.

We will be starting on Monday May 28th and anticipate the project will take one month give or take depending on the weather.
We anticipate the washing to take approximately one week and ask that you also keep your windows and patio doors closed for the washing phase.
We would like to ask that you remove any items off of your patio that you do not wish to get wet, as we will be starting with the power washing and cleaning of your building.
In preparation for the painting please ensure all Christmas lights, hooks, and awnings have been removed.
We have created a Job blog where you can access and receive up to date information on your project taking place. The blog can be viewed at:
All Wolfgang employees can be identified by blue Wolfgang t-shirts and white pants.

We will not require any access through your unit throughout the project as we will be accessing from the outside.
We will do our best to minimize any inconvenience while we are working on your site. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you have any questions I can be contacted at 604.420.5552
Your Project Manager Here
Project Manager


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